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How much does it cost to get internet on an itouch?

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An iPod touch only has Wi-Fi capabilities. So, the cost of gettinginternet on that device depends on your local internet provider'spricing. You can also find free Wi-Fi in many public locations suchas coffee shops and malls.
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How much does itouch cost?

The prices have recently been lowered. . 8GB=$229 . 16GB - $299 . 32 GB=$399

How much does the itouch costs?

I assume you mean the iPod Touch, the newest version costs: 8GB: £169 ($267) 32GB: £249 ($384) 64GB: £329 ($521)

How much do itouch apps cost?

It depends how much they cost on the Apps Store. A lot of the apps are FREE... I hope this helped you very muchhh :) Oook well Bye :)

How do you get Internet for your ITouch?

u have ur iPod and u have to have wifi wich is signal for ur iPod and u have to have a router which is the box for the internet and u got ot ur iPod u turn it on and go to SET

How much does it cos to get internet for a itouch?

Unfortunately, there is not 3G Internet for the iTouch (over cell towers). You can, however, connect to most wireless access points (which allow you to browse the internet, do

How much doses an itouch cost?

Depends on which one you get. Every gig difference costs you more money. They have them at target, walmart, bestbuy etc. Even try pawnshops if you want.