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How tall is a flamingo that is 5 feet tall?

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Umm, is that a trick question. It's 5 feet tall
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How tall is a flamingo?

Different flamingos are different sizes. Yet the largest one can look a 40 year old man right in the eye! Maybe can even tower over him at 6' 3''.

Is sasori 5 feet tall?

No. Sasori is 164.1cm or in other types of measurements: 1.641 m 5.384 ft 64.606 in

How tall is 5 feet in cm?

There are sixty inches in five feet, and an inch is 2.5 (or more correctly 2.54) centimeters. 60 x 2.5=150 cm.

How tall is 5 feet?

1.524 meters. not sure what you're looking for.