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I have 3 apples and two rabbits. A rabbit ate an apple and I added one. The rabbits ate one each how many apples did the rabbits eat together?

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3 apples
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Can Rex rabbits eat apples?

Rex rabbits eat the same diet as all pet rabbits. Rex rabbits, like all pet rabbits, can eat apple as a treat. So long as your rabbit is healthy, and eating a balanced diet, a

Can rabbits eat apple seeds?

No, rabbits should never eat apple seeds. They can eat the fruit, leaves, and stems, but the seeds are poisonous. The fruit should be strictly limited because too much sugar c

What will happen if rabbits eat too many apples?

If rabbits eat too many apples (or too much of any treat), a variety of things could happen, including: A sugar spike in the diet can unbalance the bacteria in the gut, leadi

How many times can pet rabbits eat apples?

Treats should be strictly limited in a rabbit's diet. Treats count as some fresh fruits (like apples) and some vegetables (like carrot). A small bite or two of apple every few

Can all rabbits eat apples?

Yes, all rabbits can eat apples, although apple shouldn't be a large part of any rabbit's diet. A small bite or two of apple every few days should probably be okay as a treat

Can rabbits eat apples if they are chopped?

Rabbits can eat apple in any form -- chopped, chunks, sliced; however, they can't eat a whole apple, because the seeds are toxic to them. Rabbits also shouldn't eat very much

Can rabbits eat apple- pears?

Yes Apples are an excellent treat for rabbits over six months of age, I do not feed any treats to bunnies under 6 months, pellets and hay only.

When can you start feeding your rabbit apples?

Rabbits can start eating fresh fruit (like apple) and treat vegetables (like carrot) at about 6 months of age. Fruit should never be a big part of a rabbit's diet. A small bit

Can rabbits eat green apples?

Yes, rabbits can eat green apple, but only as a treat. A bite or two of apple every few days should be fine for a healthy rabbit that otherwise eats a balanced diet. Too many

Can a baby rabbit eat an apple?

No, baby rabbits should not have any fruit. See the related question (linked below) for more info.

Can angora rabbits eat apple?

Angora rabbits, like all pet rabbits, can eat apple as a treat. Assuming your rabbit is healthy and eating a balanced diet, a small bite or two of apple every few days shouldn

Can albino rabbits eat apples?

All pet rabbits basically eat the same diet and have the same food restrictions (although juveniles, elderly, ill, long-haired, and outdoor rabbits may have some special food

How much apple can a rabbit eat?

Assuming the rabbit is healthy, and eating a balanced diet of mostly hay, with some high-quality pellets and fresh greens daily, and plenty of water, a bite or two of apple ev

Can rabbits eat apple peels?

Yes, rabbit's can eat apple peels. I had one bunny in the past, Alfalfa, and he ate lots of apples and there peels. I also currently have two bunnies, Thumper and Bubba, t