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I signed a plea bargain but have'nt seen the judge yet.Can I still withdraw my plea?

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Yes. Your plea of guilty would have to be accepted by the presidingjudge, following a series of questions the judge will ask youconcerning your plea offer and the fact that you're giving up yourrights to a fair trial, that you have been explained by yourattorney all the details of the plea offer, that if you're a non-UScitizen or permanent residency you can be deported, and that youare pleading guilty because you are guilty (or it's in your bestinterest, a plea known as an Alford plea). If the judge issatisfied that you understand these ramifications they will acceptthe plea offer and then sentence you accordingly.
If at any time before or during the above-mentioned questioning youwant to withdraw the plea, you can do so. But once the judgeaccepts the plea offer and sentences you, you can't turn back.
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