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If a married man cheats on his wife for the 1st time but did it 20 times with the same woman and got caught cheating n feels bad about it wants to stay with wife what are the chances he'll cheat again?

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First of all when you say it's his first time to cheat, but he did it 20 times, are you talking about having sex with his mistress or he cheated 20 times? If your wondering if he will do it again, probably if you given him 2-3 months of cooling off from you. Married man finds their affairs very exciting and it turn him on. The sneaking, lying or even knowing that he can do it.
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Why after getting caught cheating still want to be friend with wife?

you still do because you feel guilty. youprobably still have feelings for her and the only reason you probably cheated on her is because she wasn't pleasing you and you found

Would a married man want to be friends again with his mistress after he got caught cheating with her?

very unlikely...unless that man is VERY forgiving or is desperate ANSWER; You got to be kidding right? If your husband told you that he don't want to loose his mistress frien

What are the chances a married man would cheat again after getting caught cheating and feeling guilty about it?

High. It is clear he doesn't mind cheating and has no guilt about it. I would leave him. ANSWER: The chances will be greater, even if he got caught and maybe trying to fix th

If a married man cheats for the 1st time on his wife with another woman and does it 20 times until he got caught if he has sex with wife again would he feel different after being with another woman?

Definitely, and it depends if his wife let him back to their bedroom. Not because the wife forgave her husband, it doesn't mean that they can continued where they left off. In

If a married man said he cheated for the excitement and that ended when he was caught if he stayed with wife would he do it again for the excitement with the same girl?

Most married men who have an affair is all about the excitement of doing the forbidden life. A lot of men do go back on cheating all over again because they know t if the get

Why married man cheat their wife?

Essentially, they cheat because: 1. They are selfish 2. Other women go out with them even though they know they are married 3. Because they like the chase and are insecu