If two plus two equal fish then what does four plus four equal?

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Hat, because if you turn four around to its mirror image next tothe normal number, it's a hat.

Why does two plus two equal four?

because 2 and 2 jest equal 4 B=. Because it's just common sense!! Put all you fingers down....now put 2 up!! How many are up right now? 2!!! Now put 2 more up!! Now h

What if you dont agree that two plus two equals four?

Then, youre proboly like a two year old. no offence to all you dummies, but, if you dont know what 2+2 is, well, you kinda need to go to school... or you can live in a box! bu

Why does two times two equal four AND two plus two equal four?

In arithmetic, multiplication of one number, a , by another, b , consists of adding a to itself b times. The identity element for arithmetic multiplication is 1, meaning