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If you must file taxes after reaching a Married filing joint Income of 20.900 is that amount adjusted gross or gross income?

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Who can file a joint income tax return?

In order to file a joint return, the parties must be married at the end of the year, living together in a recognized common law marriage, or married and living apart but not l

What is tax bracket for adjusted gross income of 209836?

It depends on your filing status, (and perhaps other things), but below is for each. Obviously, many other things are due on the income other than Federal INCOME tax too.  

What amount can a couple make to get a 2008 tax rebate in May - is this adjusted gross income or total income?

  Stimulus Act rebate checks will only be sent to those filing a 2007 tax return IR 2008-18; Fact Sheet 2008-15; Fact Sheet 2008-16; Treasury Fact Sheet IRS has issued a

Who must file income tax?

Go to the IRS gov website and use the search box for Do You Need to File a Federal Income Tax Return? You can also go to the Do You Have to File section of the Form 1040 Instr

How much gross income do you need before you can file taxes?

Self-employed, any age: $400 Children and Teens classified as a dependent: $5,700 Single, under 65: $9,350 Single, over 65: $10,750 Married, filing jointly, both spouses u

Do I have to to file income tax returns for state of Maine if i filed a federal tax return and and have 0 adjusted gross income?

If you are a residentof Maine who is required to file a federal income tax return, you must file a Maine income tax return. If you are not required to file a federal retur

If a non resident must pay tax on the gross amount of a sale of a house in NJ then is it necessary to file NJ income tax to obtain any refund even though the seller lives in another state?

Sale of property located in New Jersey is subject to New Jersey income tax whether the seller is a resident of NJ or not. Non-residents use Form NJ-1040NR to file their New

What is the minium amount of income for filing income taxes?

A self employed taxpayer would be required to file an income tax return if business operation had a net profit of 400 and pay the social security and Medicare taxes that would

When must you file your federal income tax?

You can file for federal income tax anytime before April 15th 2011, which is the last date for filing federal tax return. However, If you feel that you need more time for tax

What is tax rate if married filing jointly with 2 children and gross income 75000?

Under these circumstances and income your tax calculation would go like this: $75,000 - (3,900 X 4 exemptions) - 12,200 (Std. Deduction)=$47200 Taxable Income. Your total