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In Pokemon Ruby your allowed to have up to 6 Pokemon and after that the Pokemon GO somewhere and Im wondering how can i add those to my list of Pokemon and get rid of some Pokemon?

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in any pokeCenter (the place where you heal your Pokemon) there is a PC (in the GBA games its on the desk) go to it and click A and you can move Pokemon between it and your party
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What are some rare Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

  regirock     regice     registeel     latios     kyogre     groudon     rayquaza     If you want to know more go to this

HM list in Pokemon Ruby?

  HM01 - Cut - Rustboro City HM02 - Fly - Route 119 from rival HM03 - Surf - Petalburg city from Wally's house HM04 - Strength - Rusturf Tunnel, Rock smash needed

A list of all the Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

Hoenn # Pokemon Name Types Ability #001 Treecko Overgrow #002 Grovyle Overgrow #003 Sceptile Overgrow #004 Torchic Blaze #005 Combusken Blaze #006 Blaziken Blaze #007 Mu

How do you trade Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby?

If you want to trade Pokemon to other people you have first: 1.Get a connecter cord. 2. Go upstairs in a p.c (Pokemon centre) and and talk to the lady in the middle desk at th

What is the Pokemon TM list on Pokemon ruby?

      TM01 - Focus Punch   TM02 - Dragon Claw   TM03 - Water Pulse   TM04 - Calm Wind   TM05 - Roar   TM06 - Toxic   TM07 - Hail   TM08 - Bul

What are the types Pokemon at Pokemon Ruby?

  They are Fire, Grass, Water, Rock, Fighting, Ghost, Psychic, Dark, Poison, Bug, Electric, Ground, Steel, Normal, Flying, and Dragon. What do you hope to gain from this?

How do you add trainers in pokemon ruby?

I'm not exactly sure what the question is asking, but, if you mean how do add more accounts onto the game, so two people could play and not just one, you can't. You'd need to