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Is Tetany is caused by hyposecretion of the thyroid?

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Tetany can be caused by hyposecretion of the parathyroid gland, nothyposecretion of the thyroid gland.
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Tetany is caused by?

Tetanus (Clostrudium tetani toxin) gets its name from its ability to cause tetany. The most common cause is low serum calcium levels which can be caused by parathyroid hormon

What is caused by hyposecretion of insulin?

Hypo=too low Secretion=production Hyposecretion=too low production Too low production of insulin causes hyperglycemia. The chronic condition is called Diabetes Mel

Does hypercalcemia cause muscle tetany?

Hypocalcemia ( a low serum calcium level), not hypercalcemia ( a high serum calcium level), tends to cause muscle spasm and in severe cases may lead to muscle tetany.

Tetany can be caused by?

Clostridium tetani. This is a bacterium which commonly lives in the soil. It can only grow and produce toxins when little oxygen is around, so just playing around in the dirt

What does hyposecretion of the parathyroid hormone cause?

Spontaneous nerve depolarization causing muscular spasms, twitches and convulsions, Trousseau sign- Cuffing the arm leads to irreversible flexion of fingers, Chvostek sign- Ta