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Is access to foodwater difficult to get in southeast Asia?

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Where is southeast Asia?

found in the southeast portion of asia...countries in southeast are philippines, thailand, indonesia..etc..

Is Asia southeast if the continent Asia?

This question makes no sense.

Is Asia minor southeast Asia today?

Asia Minor (Turkey) is at the extreme west of what is considered to be Asia proper. It has no connection with Southeast Asia whatsoever, which is made up of the countries of V

Where in southeast Asia is Buddhism practiced?

The influences of the Mon people, as well as the Pagan Empire, arestill felt today throughout the region. Currently, the SoutheastAsian countries with the highest amounts of p

Is Australia part of southeast Asia?

No. Australia is not part of southeast Asia. Both Australia andAsia are separate continents. Australia is a country located on thecontinent of Australia. The continent of Aust

What country is not in southeast Asia of countries in Asia?

South East Asia is often defined by ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations), including 10 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Bur

What do southeast Asia and east Asia have in common?

Many East Asian and Southeast Asian countries were once Buddhist empires. What is now China, Mongolia all the way south into Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia were once Buddhist