Is an arm a first class lever?

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No it isn't. It is a third class lever.
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Is a can opener a first class lever?

There are three classes of levers and each represents a positional configuration of the fulcrum, the load and the force on the lever: Class 1: The fulcrum is located between

What class lever is the arm?

The biceps brachii acts as a class 3 lever to flex the arm. The deltoid also acts as a class 3 lever to abduct the arm, as does the teres major in adducting the arm. The trice

How is the arm an example of a third class lever?

In third class levers effort P is in between the fulcrum F and the load W. According to the principle of lever, W/P=effort arm/load arm, here effort arm is always less tha

How can a pole be a first class lever and a second class lever?

A first class lever takes place when the fulcrum is between the force and load. This is possible by lifting the pole and balancing it with your hand. A second class lever take