Is going to the sun dangerous to humans?

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In a word Yes.
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How is the sun dangerous?

Looking directly at the sun can damage your eyesight. The invisible ultra-violet light from the sun can give you more than a tan if it weren't mostly blocked by the Earth's at

Is the radiation from the sun dangerous to humans?

Firstly, any form of radiation is harmful to the body because it causes cellular aberrations and genetic mutations which may ultimately lead to cancer. As for sun radiation, s

Is the sun dangerous and why?

There are hazards associated with the sun. It is a source of energetic particles (mostly protons), and if it wasn't for the earth's magnetic field, we'd get "showered" by them

Is it dangerous in the sun?

It can be dangerous to be out in sunny weather if you do not have adiquate hydration and some sort of shelter from it. It would be impossible to be inside it if that's what yo

What does the sun do for humans?

It provides humans with warmth and sunlight. Without the sun, we would have no food, we would be cold, and there would be no light in the world to shelter us.

Why is it dangerous to go into the sun without any protection?

In short, sunlight is made of light waves. These light waves are of various energies. The small band of energy we can see is called the visible spectrum. These waves are not d

Why are humans dangerous?

humans are the most dangerous animal on earth because other animals can cause only physical harms but humans can cause emotional, mental and physical harms for their selfish b

Are sun bears dangerous?

Yes, but sun bears do not really attack people. Sun bears are only dangerous for attacking and killing tigers for their territories.

Is it possible for humans to go to the sun?

No, not with any manned missions. The energy would fry anything that comes close. Perhaps we will be able to send probes to reasonable distances, or to Mercury, to make observ