Is it dangerous for an American to go to Taiwan?

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it is not dangerous for americans to go to taiwan.Taiwan is a verynice place,have cheaper things and cutest clothes,and many chineseand taiwanese food to eat like stinky tofu,boba milk tea,sping roll,also ,my favorite food------hot pot!
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Why should you not go to Taiwan?

I personally love Taiwan so I don't know why anyone would not want to go to Taiwan. But if you want reasons the climate of Taiwan would be hard to get used to if you aren't us

Why do people go to Taiwan?

People can go to Taiwan for many different reasons. Such as, wanting to visit family, wanting to experience Taiwan (Its culture, its food, its people, its climate), they might

Why is China going to attack Taiwan?

This happened a few years ago. Taiwan wanted to become independant. China threatened to attack if they did. There was suppose to be a war but it didn't happen. Taiwan a new re