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Is the air you breathe in ionosphere?

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Where is the ionosphere?

i·on·o·sphere n. . A region of the earth's atmosphere where ionization caused by incoming solar radiation affects the transmission of radio waves. It extends from

What is in the ionosphere?

the ionosphere contains contains negatively and positively charged ions. has a high concentration of ozone.

What is ionosphere?

The ionosphere is a layer of the Earth's atmosphere that is ionizedby solar radiation.

What is the ionosphere and were is it?

The ionosphere is a layer of earths atmosphere. It is charged with  a high concentration of ions. It is above the mesosphere about 50  t0 600 miles above the earth.

How you breathe in air?

you breathe in something called oxygen and then breathe out something called carbon dioxide. Inside your body the oxygen gets running through your blood vessels ans heart and