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Where is the 5th gym leader in Pokemon ruby?

It is in the first gym you go into at the start of the game...Petalburg city and the gym leader is Norman your dad you can go through any room so don't panic... HOPE I HELPED.

How do you get to 5th gym leader in Pokemon ruby?

After conquering Flannnery at the Lavaridge Gym, return to Petalburg. There you shall find the Petalburg Gym and within its walls, Norman the fifth Gym Leader. For future refe

What are the gym leaders in Pokemon ruby?

1. Roxanne in Rustburo City (rock types) 2. Brawly in Dewford Town (fighting types) 3. Wattson in Mauville City (electric types) 4. Flannery in Larvridge Town (fire types) 5