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A small girl and her father walk into the barber shop for her father to get his hair cut.
While the father is getting his hair cut, the little girl eats a white choc chip muffin.
all of a sudden the barber says "excuse me love but your gonna get hair on your muffin" and the little girl replies "I know. I'm gonna get BOOBIES to. HAHAHA

You get humans from human bait, you get fishes from fish bait, you get dogs from dog bait...you get the point. So what do you get with imaster? HAHAHAHAHA

Is there a mirror in your pocket? because I can see me in your pants!! HAHAHA


I don't get the last two jokes...
The 3 jokes are funny though...

who ever said this it is not appropriate for little kids like you im guessing

how do you confuse a blonde? you dont they are born that way haha lol

there's a blonde, a brunette, and a red head. they are all in third grade whose the oldest? the blonde shes 18

why was the blonde mad at her drivers licence? she got an F on sex haha (that one is a little weird though)

why is a blonde tip toeing past the medicine cabinets? she didnt want to wake up the sleeping pills haha

why was bigfoot really mad at his cousin? she said "your too scared to growl at a girl." haha-ish

what did the blonde do when she saw the YMCA sign? she said "haha they spelled MACYs wrong!"

lol im blonde and yet i put all of the blonde ones up!!! haha
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Where is the jokes and riddles page?

The Jokes and Riddles category page on this site is http://answers.com.xemphimonlines.com/Q/FAQ/2630. In newspapers it varies, but may be listed in the list of pages on the front page.

Are jokes riddles?

No, of course. Jokes are not riddles! A joke is something you tell, like a line or a story. A riddle is something you ask someone that they have to figure out the answer. Wh

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Riddles and jokes?

the difference is that riddles tell you the answer and you have to figure out what the joke is.jokes kind of tell you what it is