On Pokemon pearl where do Pokemon GO after you migrate them from emerald?

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pal park

How can you migrate Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

First, you put in a Pokemon gba game (example:ruby, Sapphire, fire red, leafgreen, and emearld) then turn on your ds. Next, you chose migrate from firered then, it will show u

How do you obtain the option of migrate from emerald in Pokemon Pearl?

i have the same. all you need to do is put Pokemon emerald in your Nintendo ds gba slot. have Pokemon pearl in the other slot. go on to Pokemon pearl and at the start menu cli

Where to go on Emerald to migrate Pokemon?

If you're migrating from Emerald to Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver, then nowhere. You want to go to the title screen on the DS game and go down until you s