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Some take you in the morning some take you in the evening but one thing you should know that when I'm taken i do not go what is it?

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What are some things a veterinary assistant should know?

  Veterinary assistants should be trained in restraint of animals, care and sanitation of animals, basic hospital practices such as appropriate remarks to add to veterinar

I stopped taking Citalopram in March and I'm still itching. I took some antihistamines and steroids and it's STILL going. How long does an allergic reaction to citalopram last?

  i take two antidepressants. i ran out of citalopram and didn't get it refilled for a month. when i started taking it again, i experienced a very unusual type of itching.

How do you get some one to fall in love with you when they don't even know you?

just go and talk to them ask them questions about themselves becuz people love to talk about themselves and after a while start to compliment them   #2 answ: Wll, they cert

Should you go with morning height or evening height?

Go with the height you measure in the day, afternoon/ Evening hieght is more accurate you lose your out of bed height quickly after waking up so your already at your low or cl