Some take you in the morning some take you in the evening but one thing you should know that when I'm taken i do not go what is it?

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What should you do if you're going through a bad break-up where you broke up and said some hurtful things and a week later they are rebounding with someone new even though you know they still like you?

Sometimes scars from this get deep. Any relationship will always have a portion that is fondly remembered. If the relationship goes in different directions than so be it. Othe

Should you take 2 pills of clomid together or one in the morning and one at night?

I have the same question.....I have read that its less of a shock on your body if you take one in the morning and one at night. But, you should do whatever your doctor instruc

What are some things that you should take note of when doing CPR?

Check isolation gear -- mask and gloves. . Is the airway remaining clear? . Is there extreme bleeding? A good heartbeat is only as good as volume. . Is there a pulse (so yo

How do you create a friendship with an ex after you've said some very hurtful things I'm sure it will take sometime.?

first give it some time. then figure out a way to be where she is , you know maybe you both hang with the same crowd then it's easier than if she lives far away.. if you see h

What are some of the words on the census test I want to go and take the test tomorrow but I'm scared of that one question?

I'm not sure of "that one question" that would make you afraid to take the test to become a Census taker.... First, please Google Practice Test for Field Employee Positions -

What are some things your boyfriend should know?

Things your boyfriend should know about you include: . Your real name . your preferred nickname . your age . that you are kind . that you are honest . that you are loy