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Started yasmin the birth control pill over a week ago and suffering light bleeding after intercourse is this because of the pill or because of the intercourse?

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Intercourse doesn't cause bleeding unless you have an alteration inyour vagina's inner tissue, that only a gyno can tell you, after anappropriate examination. Other cause may include lack of natural(from your partner) or artificial lubrication. About Yasmin, youcan either talk to your gyno or to your pharmacist of confidenceand try to take another brand which presents a differentformulation. Have you already taken the Papanicolau test? Do youfeel any pain on your abdomen?
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I carried on my pill without having a break on holiday because i was swimming i started a light period anyway and have been bleeding for the last 3 weeks what could be happening?

If you carried on taking your pill without having a break while on  holiday because you were swimming and have been bleeding for the  last 3 weeks, you probably want to know

Im getting a sharp pain during intercourse and i resently stoped my birth control pills im i having this pain because i stopped the pills?

  probably not, it could be a number of things. if it is a new partner it could a result of roughness during intercourse, it could be a result of you not being wet enough

Can you start taking your first birth control pill right after the intercourse?

You can start taking BCP whenever you like, but it is recommended that you start either the day you get your period or the Sunday after (the day) you start your period. In o

How soon after taking birth control pills for the first time can you start sexual intercourse?

You can have sex the same day if you wish, but you still need to use protection because it takes one cycle before they will fully protect you. Make sure you take them everyday