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Why do we say old is gold?

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Gold is precious, and old things are often valuable. It also meansthat old things or customs have stood the test of time so theyshould be reliable.
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What does the saying 'new friends are silver and old friends are gold' mean?

Answer . I would think that it refers to silver being a precious metal, but that gold has more value as a precious metal. . silver is the 25th anniversary symbol gold is the

How do you say 'gold bullion' in Bulgarian?

BULLION ['buliən] 1. злато/сребро на пръчки/кюлчета 2. фин. авоари в злато/сребро BULLION reserve златен фонд (на

How do you say gold in Russian?

Cyrillic: золото - noun; золотой, золотая, золотое, золотые - adjectives (masc, fem, neut, pl.); phonetic spelling: ZOHlahtuh.

Why do people say old is gold?

"Old is gold" is a proverb that reminds us that old things are valuable, or that old items MAY be very valuable. As opposed to always choosing he newest fad. "Old is gold" als