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Where can you download a Game Boy emulator?

There are several Game Boy emulators in existence. Below are links to several of the more popular ones.

Where can you download a PlayStation 2 emulator?

PS2 emulators are now very good. You can see the whole list at www.emuwiki.com, this site also offers direct download links of all these emulators. The best one is definitely

Where to go to download the emulator for playing PS2 games on my PC?

There's a link to the PCSX2 site on the right top corner in the Wikipedia describing it. See related link The software does not work as effective as a PS2 on any Games titl

Where can you download a 3DS emulator?

you cant, there's no 3DS emulator yet because the 3DS hasn't been hacked yet and there's no 3DS games for download also. Correction, there are 3DS games to download. If you