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It does not. It has a smooth curve. That is called an arc.
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What 2 angles make a right angle?

two supplementary angles * * * * * NO! Supplementary angles sum to 180 degrees=2 right angles. The correct answer is complementary angles.

What is an angle bisector and how do you make one?

The angle bisector is a ray or line segment that bisects the angle, creating two congruent angles. To construct an angle bisector you need a compass and straightedge. Bisector

What angles make a right triangle?

One angle must be 90o, which is the right angle. The sum of the other two angles must equal 90o.

What two angle make a right angle?

Any two angles that total 90 degrees will make up a right angle.  Two 45 degree angles will make a right angle - 90 degrees. Also an  angle of 30 degrees and another angle o