What are dangerous but wicked glitches on Pokemon?

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This works for Pokemon Diamond and is "The Forbidden Glitch"
Procedure: Go to the top floor of any Pokemon center. Enter theUnion room, but ask the lady to go in from the back of her desk.(This is why you need the walk anywhere cheat). When you come outof the Union room everyone and you will be invisible! You lastsaved before going into the Union room, and you can't leave eitherbecause you are invisible and stuck in the Pokemon center forever!
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What is a Mew Glitch in Pokemon?

Answer . The Mew Glitch is a fault in the programming of the Pokemon Red and Blue games. Through a long sequence of events, you can obtain a Mew without going to a Nintendo

How do you get a glitch Pokemon?

In the Pokemon Red version there was a glitch Pokemon. it was needed to make duplicates of any item. this Glitch Pokemon was a buntch of brown lines and could be anywhere from

How do you perform Pokemon glitches?

Pokémon glitches can be performed many ways. In the early games, no cheating device was required for most glitches, but in more recent games, the programmers have been crac

How do you undo Pokemon league glitch?

first of all i don't even know what that kind of glitch is but there is a few things you could try... 1.you could restart the game... 2.you could try and do the glitch

What are Pokemon glitches?

Pokémon glitches are little tidbits in the Pokémon video game series that are (for the most part) data leftover from beta testing or placeholders to prevent game crashes

Pokemon SoulSilver glitches?

So far, there is only one glitch known in Pokemon Soul Silver. It is known as the GTS Glitch. If you put a Pokemon that evolves by trading with the necessary item in the trade

How do you glitch your Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

you must purchase a cheat card to use glitches on Pokemon diamond. well that actually depends on what system your playing it on. but for ds you need a action replay or game sh