What are example of glittering generalities?

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What is a glittering generality?

An example of a glittering generality is saying, "Drinking this water is like sipping the 'crisp, luscious ocean'" - it's not true, because it doesn't really mean anything, bu

What is a glittering generalization?

Assuming you mean "glittering generality" not "generalization," it is: "The use of vague emotionally appealing virtue words that dispose us to approve something without clos

What is glittering generalities propaganda?

This is a type of propaganda that is commonly used in television. It uses words that are attractive, patriotic, and catchy. However, the catch is that they don't really mean a

How do use the glitter text generators for facebook?

You can't use glitter text on facebook but you can use a different kind of text... Like this: α в c ∂ є ƒ н ι נ к ℓ м η σ ρ q

Where might one find a glitter text generator online?

Many websites offer glitter text generation algorithms which users can use to produce nice looking alphanumeric characters. Popular websites that specialize in this include Gl