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What are some Non Christian initiations?

In Judaism there is the Bar Mitvah for young men and the BatMitzvah for young ladies. As for atheist's initiations; there arenone. If one is a non-Christian, then there's no n

What are some non conductors?

There are plenty of non conductors in the world. The most common is probably plastic or rubber. Glass is also non conductive.. Hope this helps!

What are some non metals?

Oxygen, Nitrogen, Florine, Argon, Sulfur and Phosphorous are all examples of elements that are non metals.

What are some non malleable substances?

Malleable substances can be hammered into a thin sheet. This is a characteristic of all metals in the solid phase. In contrast nonmetals are brittle in the solid phase. If you

What are some non vascular plants?

Plants belonging to Algae, fungi and bryophyta groups are non-vascular plants. Since these plants do not have vascular system in the form of xylem and phloem. Plants of Pterid