What are the names of the seven dwarfs from the fairy tale Snow White?

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The names of the dwarfs from the Disney movie are:
  1. Sneezy
  2. Sleepy
  3. Dopey
  4. Doc
  5. Happy
  6. Bashful
  7. Grumpy

In the original story, they did not have names: No names wereassigned to the dwarfs in the story as recorded by the BrothersGrimm, both in their 1812 first edition and in their final 1854revision.

On October 31st 1912 the story opened as a Broadway play. It was inthis play that they first received names. Those names were:
  1. Blick
  2. Flick
  3. Glick
  4. Snick
  5. Plick
  6. Whick
  7. Quee

Disney changed the names for their first animated film in 1937.

  • Dopey: the youngest, sweetest, and silliest of the seven, andthe only one to be completely bald and beardless; wears a too largelime green tunic and purple cap.
  • Grumpy: the grouchiest and most curmudgeonly of the group,though even he is supremely devoted to the beautiful Snow White;wears a red tunic, long white hair and beard.
  • Doc: the only one of the dwarfs to wear glasses (so presumablythe most intellectual); wears an orange-brown tunic, long whitehair and beard.
  • Happy: the most rotund of the dwarfs; wears a brownish two-tonetunic, yellow cap, long white hair and beard.
  • Bashful: evokes his bashful nature through a classic pose ofshyness (hands clasped behind back, shoulders slightly raised, eyesupturned); sometimes difficult to distinguish between Sneezy andSleepy; depicted in purple tunic and magenta cap (on video), aswell as long white hair and beard.
  • Sneezy: frequently shown with one finger underneath his nose,as if trying to stifle a sneeze; sometimes difficult to distinguishbetween Sleepy and Bashful; wears a yellow-brown tunic, long whitehair and beard.
  • Sleepy: perhaps the most difficult to differentiate betweenSleepy and Bashful, though he wears a perpetually sleepy looking,heavily lidded expression on his face; wears a brownish tunic,green cap, long white hair and beard.
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