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What controls the body temperature of reptiles?

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Reptiles are cold-blooded, which means that their body temperatureis controlled by their environment. If they are too cold, they willseek a place in the sun or near something warm, so that they canraise their body temperature. If they are too hot, they will seekshade.
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How do jellyfish control their body temperature?

Jellyfish do not actively control their body temperature, their body temperature is that of the water surrounding them. However, they can swim and could move to, or keep thems

How do reptiles control their temperature?

Reptiles have difficulty controlling/can't control their body temperature since they are cold blooded. This basically means their bodies are the same temperature as their surr

Can camels control their body temperature?

YES they are warmblooded animals and control actively; yes, for instance, they piss on their hindlegs to evaporate this water and cool their legs (and the blood running inside

When the temperature of the environment changes what does the body temperature of a reptile do?

The reptile's body temperature rises when the external temperaturerises. When the temperature drops, so does his body temperature. Ifa reptile feels cold because the external

What are two ways that reptiles can regulate their body temperature?

Reptiles are cold blooded, which means they depend on the environment to regulate their body temperature. Reptiles can cool themselves by drinking cool water or staying in the

Do reptiles have constant body temperature?

No, reptiles do not have a constant body temperature. They are ectotherms, meaning they rely on the environment to maintain a reasonable body temperature. In order to warm up,

Does reptiles have a steady body temperature?

Reptiles' body temperature fluctuates according to theirsurrounding air temperature. In cold temperatures (pre-dawn) snakeswill be torpid, and only active once the rising sun

How reptiles regulate their body temperature?

The seek out a source of warmth - whether that;s the sun in theirnatural habitat - or a basking lamp in captivity.