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What did Zeus' brother look like?

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Zeus had two brothers: Poseidon and Hades. They were not alike.
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What did Zeus look like?

Greek mythology is all myth. Some of the stories could have happened but it is highly unlikely. But believe what you want. Zeus, the god of the skies, was believed to wear a w

What does Zeus look like?

Zeus has curly white hair and a big beard,(also white). His eyes are gray like a thunder storm, and is very strong. His symbol is a lightning bolt, which he usually has in his

How does Zeus look like?

He looks kinda old, has a beard, and always has a lightningbolt with him. His symbol is the eagle>

What does the home of Zeus look like?

Zeus lives on the top of Mount Olympus in a temple, that basically looks like any other Greek temple you see. The rest of Olympus is green and lush and lively.

What does the statue of Zeus look like?

The statue of Zeus is a large statue of Zeus sitting in a throne inlaid with ivory, ebony, and precious stones. in one hand, he holds a sceptre, in the other, victory. he had

What did Zeus' throne look like?

  In the Zeus temple at Olympia the throne was decorated with gold, precious stones, ebony, and ivory.   This is according to witnesses at the time. Beware of later, f

How do you look like Zeus on poptropica?

There was a costume item on the ad-game for "Percy Jackson and the Olympians", in July 2010. This was a different version of Zeus and his lightning staff than on Mythology isl