What did Zeus do?

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Zeus was the King of the gods in ancient Greek mythology.

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What did Zeus do in The Odyssey?

Zeus is the God of all gods and men. He mediates the arguments ofthe gods on Mt. Olympus. He also occasionally portrayed as weighingmenÕs fate in his roles.

What did Zeus do for the people?

zues did a lot for the people like he helped them even though he didn't do well in his lifetime. Zues did a lot of things

What did Zeus do as a god?

good question because i know all about zues. when he was made as a god he had Hercules and pieces. he watched over them and sent favors to them so that's what he does for them

What did Zeus do that was important?

He is the son of Kronos, the titan lord, and he made Kronos vomit all of his siblings up when he was old enough with a disgusting liquid. He is the king of the gods. God of th

What did Zeus do to hera?

zeus found her sister hera attractive and tried to seduce her butfailed so zeus turned into a cockoo hera found it on the floor andtried to warm it by holding it against her c

What did Zeus do to Prometheus?

Zeus chained Prometheus to a cliff and ordered an eagle to peck out his liver every morning. The next morning the liver had grown back since Prometheus is a Titan and Titans a

What did Zeus do to his brother?

I have done lots of research and have found nothing that he did to his brothers but he killed his father the evil titan lord of time kronos by cutting him up into thousands of

What did Zeus do to Pandora?

Zeus, sent Pandora down to earth as a punishment to men. He gave her a jar (or an amphora; not a box!) and told her not to open it. Out of curiosity she opened it and the jar

What did Zeus do each day?

In most Greek stories about their gods, they were - when notengaged in some adventurous undertaking - usually just sittingaround, sometimes quarreling and in general living th