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What do you call a bear with no teeth?

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A gummy bear!
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Do polar bears have sharp teeth?

Answer Yes, they actually are! Yes, they have sharp teeth to rip their prey open like a fish. If you find a polar bear tooth in a museum don't touch it might make a hole in y

What kind of teeth do bears have?

Bears have very interesting teeth. Their front teeth are very sharp  for ripping meat, while their back teeth are flat for grinding  fruits and insects.

Why do bears have teeth?

The reason any of us have teeth, for chewing food, bears also use teeth to kill their prey. also by having teeth they can tear apart their prey into smaller chunks for easier

Which teeth do polar bears grind with?

Polar bears are carnivores. Like most carnivores, they use their sharp carnassial teeth to tear the meat off of their kill and then swallow it, without chewing. Raw meat is ea

What type of teeth do brown bears have?

Oddly enough, pretty much the same type and number of teeth as the average human, only with much larger cuspids (canines). Bears like humans are omnivores.

How do teeth help a bear to survive?

Bear's teeth help almost all of the bears survive, for example; polar bears need their teeth to tear of meat from seals and other animals. Teeth also help bears to protect the