What do you call a bear with no teeth?

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A gummy bear!
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How many teeth does a bear have?

Bear's have 42 teeth including four long canines and twelve incisors. The exception is that of the sloth bear, which has only 40 teeth. Sloth bears have two fewer teeth than b

Why do bears have teeth?

The reason any of us have teeth, for chewing food, bears also use teeth to kill their prey. also by having teeth they can tear apart their prey into smaller chunks for easier

Which teeth are called tearing teeth?

There are four main types of teeth. Each has a slightly differentshape and function. The canine teeth in the corners of your mouthhelp you tear food. Also called cuspids, the

Which bear has no front teeth?

The Sloth bear, native to India, eats mostly insects and therefore lacks frontal incisors which are primarily used by other bears for ripping and tearing large pieces of flesh