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What do you call it when things violently break?

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After you break up who should call to mend things?

First person or people you should seek shelter after the storm is your parents. No other people in the world that can give you the comfort and protection other than your paren

What do you call organisms that break things down into nutrients?

Scavengers.   Organisms that break things down into nutrients is called Matter. Matter refers to the substance or substances of which physical objects are composed; mater

What is the least violent Call of Duty?

The ones for the Nintendo DS are not anything like the games made for the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles and are rated teen. The early Call of Duty series are also rated teen and a

Is Breaking Dawn violent?

Breaking Dawn is of a more mature subject matter than the first 3 books: Twilight, New Moon & Eclipse. The first half of Breaking Dawn deals with Bella & Edward's wedding & ho

Is breaking dawn part 2 violent?

No not in the books it shouldn't be, there is one part when Bella goes on a hunt. Which is probably not going to be violent. There is another another bit when they go to "war"