What do you call someone who keeps your hands in good shape?

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What do you do if someone keeps prank calling you?

Answer . Being the target of abusive and threatening phone calls can be distressing. . In most cases the caller will be known to you. Who might bear a grudge against you, ho

How do you keep UGG boots in good shape?

when you first buy them they come with two peices inside them . everytime you wear them make sure you replace those two peices when you take them off & they'll always be in go

What is someone called if they keep reptiles?

cuz like the bumsuds ate chicken and bumplop on the flamingo...after the bumsuds came the bumplop. I like bumsuds, and and, I like bumplop....and I wanna kill u in ur mama's b

What do you do if someone keeps calling your house?

If it's a friend, blame it on your parents or your phone bill (depending on whether you still live with your parents or not). If it's a stranger, you could do a lot of diff. t