What does pete stand and mean?

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His opinion.
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What does stand by mean?

stand by, ( on a computer ) means that they are working or improving the site. it will say please stand by. stand by on a phone or anything else, mean please wait, but in a

For petes sake mean?

For Pete's sake is a minced oath, instead of saying "for Christ's ( or possibly Pity's) sake."

What is PETE?

Pete is a short form of the male given name Peter. PETE is the acronym for P oly e thylene T er e phthalate, the common polymer used to create plastic food jars and plast

Does Standing room for a concert mean you stand?

Unfortunately, it does. Groups who are not confident that they can produce a sell-out will do this, because it gives the appearance of a packed house, enabling fans who atte

What does stand alone code mean?

A Stand alone code is a CPT code that full description of the situation that you are coding. Ex. 26010 Drainage of finger abscess