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What is Soil Formation?

Fromation 1. The longer a soil has been forming, the thinner it becomes. 2. Microorganisms impede the formation of fertile soil. 3. Precipitation affects the rate at which nut

Formation of soil?

Breaking down of rocks thousands of year ago is called formation of soil. This is called weathering rocks; they have a crack in them and when water gets into these cracks and

What is the process of soil formation?

  Soil is a complex material that evolves over time. An average soil is said to consist of 45% mineral matter, 25% water, 25% air, and 5% organic matter.     The fo

How does climate affect soil formation?

soil characteristics develop as a result of their oriqin and  development soils beqins as a particular rock material and develops  slowly over many years, each soil is a pro

What is soil formation really?

Formation of soil takes a long process and takes more than one thousand years of continuous evolution. Rocks and minerals break into small particles due to weathering for a lo

What is the importance in soil formation?

Do you mean the importance of soil formation? This seems like a strange question. Can you rephrase it? When you realize that just about every bit of food you've ever eaten or