What happens to supply when inputs cost go up?

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Why is the cost of cheese going up?

The reason that the cost of cheese goes up is the rising price ofmilk. As milk prices rise, so do cheese prices since cheese is madewith milk.

What is Input cost of supply?

cost of direct material, direct labor, and other overhead items devoted to the production of a good or service.

What is going to happen to the world's aluminum supply and why?

Well aluminum comes from a substance called bauxite. Bauxite is afossil fuel. A fossil fuel is a fuel that is formed over the courseof many years. Hence, once we use up the ba

When will the cost of stamps go up?

My understanding is that the USPS wants a 2-cent increase, but since this amount is above the rate of inflation, they will have to justify the raise before the board which may

How do input cost effect supply?

Input costs are the costs firms must pay in order for them to be able to present a product to a market. These can include land, capital and labour. If the supply is represente

What happen to supply when price goes up?

IN THEORY, the on-hand quantity of a product will increase when the price goes up, because people will buy less of it. In reality, price and supply aren't very well connected