What is the sift heads 4 sifter rank reward at the end of the game?

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a sift boat
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When is Sift Heads 4 coming out?

sift heads 4 is now at : www.gamesfree.ca or at www.siftheads.net follow that link : http://www.gamesfree.ca/our_games/35/Sift_Heads_4.HTML dude that's sorta confusing

How do you get to sift heads 4?

You play sift heads 4 at this link: http://www.gamesfree.ca/our_games/35/Sift_Heads_4.html You can download sifthads 4 at this link: http://www.gamesfree.ca/download.ht

Cheats for sift heads 4?

easy click on WALKTHROUGH and then click which city you are troubled at and click to watch (p.s i used to cheat like that but now im master and already beat every country):P \

What are the cheats for sift head 4?

Go To Stickpage.com to find walkthrough or video in youtube and yes there is no cheat code to the game. You got also www.gamesfree.ca who got's the complete walkthrough and th

How can i sift flour without a sifter?

You can measure out the amount of flour that you need by spooning it out into a measuring cup. Then pour the flour into a mixing bowl and whisk it with a wire whisk or a fork

How do you sift sugar without a sifter?

Sifting Dry Ingredients . The purpose of sifting is to break up any clumps which may be in your ingredients and to allow air to circulate throughout your ingredients. If yo