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What is wrong with a one year old milk snake that has been less active and isn't eating his thawed frozen mice?

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Maybe the size of mouse you are giving him is too big.

Make sure the mouse is hot enough. Put the mouse in your snake'scage then cover it with a sheet and turn out the lights. Snakes seein heat so they can sense heat better in the dark. Don't move ontolive mice yet. The live mouse could bite the snake in self defenseand result in injury. Try a smaller size mouse first.
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Will a corn snake go from eating live mice to eating frozen mice?

Yes, but it will take some persistence. Frozen mice should be warmed using a heat lamp or warm water until they are above room temperature, so that the snake can see them (the

Will a glossy snake go from eating live mice to frozen?

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Does the California king snake eat frozen mice?

Any pet shop owner that is selling a captive bred snake, that ethically they all should be, that tells you that the snake will not eat frozen mice, should not be allowed to se

My one year old milk snake is not eating. Any ideas?

try and place the pinkie in the hiding place with the milk snake or try and feed your snake at night and leave the pinkie in the cage till morning try it. and spray the cage

How many frozen mice will a corn snake eat?

It depends on when you feed it. Once a week - 2 to 3 mice Twice a week - 1 to 2 mice Once every two weeks - 3 to 5 mice Once a month - 5 to 7 mice. Usually its

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I found a frozen snake on my sidewalk yesterday (January 28). My brother picked it up today - totally stiff - and put it in his truck. He just thought it was amazing that (1)

Why isn't my king snake eating pinky mice?

There could be many problems, it could have internal parasites, mouth rot, it might need to shed its skin, might now be comfortable or secure or there could be many other reas