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What primitive race of diminutive furry creatures are from Forest Moon of Endor?

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What is the small furry creature from Star Wars called?

It is called a Womp Rat. Womp rats are native to Tatooine and breed extremely fast. They are about two meters wide. Lego Star Wars II mistakenly identified them as scurriers.

What is endored?

further explanation needed, this word is not known in the English language

What is the diminution?

Diminution   n.   # The act or process of diminishing; a lessening or reduction.  ## The resulting reduction; decrease.  # Music. Statement of a theme in notes of less

What does diminutive?

  Diminutive means small, for example... The name Will is a diminutive form of William.

Why are sharks often called primitive creatures?

They are misidentified as primitive because they are cartilaginous and they have been around from the beginning. However, given the highly sophisticated sensory system they h

Where is the forest creatures in the song of dreams?

1. hallway outside Fabians room 2. cellar 3. laundry room 3. go out the door of the laundry room (in garden) 4. living/dinning room 5. Patrica's room 6. attic 7.