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What role did George Gershwin play in the composition of Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries?

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Where was George gershwin from?

His parents were Russian immigrants that came to America. George grew up in Brooklyn, but moved to Hollywood and lived there for 5 years or so. He died in 1937 when he was onl

What age did George Gershwin start playing the piano?

when he was 11. His family purchased a second hand piano and it was  then that he started looking for a mentor to teach him the craft.  In 4 short years he was playing profe

What is the famous composition of Gershwin?

George Gershwin composed many songs which became famous, including "Someone to Watch over Me." The opera "Porgy and Bess" has many pieces which are popular, including "Summert

Where is this quote from Life is just a bowl of cherries why I don't know I am no philosopher?

While there may have been an earlier usage, the first time this expression became popular was back in 1931, when it was the title of a hit song, and was also in a Broadway mus