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What was Zeus' main task?

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his task was to keep the world in peace.
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Main task of congress?

the main task of congress is to poison penut butter, sell fack colleg degries and play the bag pipe in puplic places such as your house atom brian

What are the main tasks of the Security Council?

The UN's role in international collective security is defined by the UN Charter, which gives the Security Council the power to: Investigate any situation threatening internat

Main tasks of operating system?

    According to Andrew Tannenbaum, the creator of Minix and the author of Operating Systems: Design and Implementation, the two chief tasks of an operating system. 

What are the main tasks of a roman governor?

Keep the peace. Collect the taxes. Protect the populace from external aggression. Ensure the local governance system is operated fairly by the normal system for the area

The main task of a project manager?

Ten of the most frequent tasks are: Work related to the responsibility and accountability for the successful delivery of the project outputs;Work related to the direction and

What is Zeus' main weapon?

Yes he had a lightning bolt as his weapons but his main weapon was his 20 foot long master bolt

What are the main tasks of a volcanologist?

There are around fifteen main tasks of a volcanologist. Some of the tasks are hiking through mountains in all kinds of weather, lab work, and looking through microscopes analy

What were the main tasks and duties for Anubis?

Anubis was the ancient Egyptian god of embalming, and tester, protector, and guide to the dead in the Duat (underworld).

What is the main task of a competitor analysis?

A competitor analysis is a person hired to figure out what the competitors are doing and how the company they work for will counter that competition. Essentially they investig