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What was confirmation so called?

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It confirmed you have accepted Christ as your savior.

Catholic Answer
Because it completes your baptism and confirms you in your faith.
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Who is the person called in the Sacrament of Confirmation?

i dont know plz help i need for homework   The "Pastor" presents the Candidates (confirmandi) to the Bishop who will impart the Sacrament of Confirmation (The sealing with

Why is confirmation so important?

It is a turning point in your relationship with God. You confirm your faith and devote yourself to Christianity.

Why is confirmation so important to Christians?

It's not. I am not exactly sure what confirmation is but I know it is not in the Bible. Baptism and taking the bread and wine are the two rituals/ceremonies Jesus left for

What do you call a confirmation student?

The word for the person to be confirmed is a confirmand.

What does confirmation call us to be?

Confirmation confirms the Holy Spirit within us so that we may betrue Christians and true witnesses to the faith even to the pointof dying for our faith, as well as evangelizi