When did it become malpractice to try to cure someone of being gay?

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You can't 'cure' someone of being gay ! It's NOT an illness - it'sa hard-wired state of mind.
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Is there a cure for being gay?

No. Homosexuality is not a disease, so it cannot be cured. It isperfectly normal for some people, just as heterosexuality is forothers. Some people will say that prayer, sport

How does someone become gay?

Most scientists researching this question are seeing their researchpointing to at least a biological if not genetic origin of sexualorientation. This evidence is increasingly

Can a child become gay from being straight?

Can a child become gay if they are straight? No. You are born gay or you are not. Some people don't realize it until later on life, but there is no "switching back and forth."

Can someone prevent being gay?

No. Sexual orientation is something that is fixed at an early age,possibly birth. Being gay is just as natural as being straight.

What are Some questions to ask someone to try and figure out if they are gay?

You could always ask them. If not, find someone cute of their same sex and be like "They're pretty cute, don't ya think?" Or check their body gestures and the way they tal

How do you know if a person trys to be homphobic while being gay?

Believe it or not, there are homophobic gay people. ("Homophobia" is an irrational fear of homosexuals or homosexual sex.) Some of us learn to hate or fear homosexuals long be

Can people be cured from being gay?

There's no "cure" for being gay, because it's not an illness. Competent counseling from a mental health professional can help a gay person to come to terms with it all. (Any m

Can someone become a gay at late age?

You don't become gay, it's more like a realization. You can realize it in 1st grade or ten years into a marriage. Basically, you can find out you're gay (or lesbian or bisex

Can someone become fertile after chlamydia is cured?

Most people with chlamydia are fertile after treatment. However, if you were infertile before, treatment is not likely to change that. The exception is that a few men infected

What do you say to someone who is harassing you about being gay?

Nothing except politely asking them to stop. Do not try and handle the problem yourself. Tell someone about it. Document what they say. The time, date, and location. If they p

Is it malpractice not to cure a curable disease?

If the scope of practice included the curing of that disease andthe doctor did not follow through, then yes. It would be consideredat as negligence and for a health profession

How can you cure your son from being gay?

You can only cure something if something is wrong. Being gay is not wrong. All YOU can do is figure out how to be a parent and love your sonfor who he is. You need to support