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Where do Pokemon GO to in Pokemon Black and White 2 after sending them from the Dream Radar?

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The Pokemon will go to the PC Box
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What is the dream world in Pokemon Black and White?

a place where you go in Pokemon black and white i don't know how to get there but i will soon know if i find out i will rewrite this and tell you how to get there also you can

How do you get to the dream world in Pokemon Black and White?

Unfortunately, the global unit that was supposed to air the dream world March 30th was affected greatly by the earthquake in Japan. It won't air for a while yet. This is why i

How do you go to the dream world in Pokemon Black?

The Dream World is not in the actual Pokémon Black game itself, the Dream World is a web-based mini game which requires your DS to be connected to your internet. Once you h

How do you catch Pokemon in dream radar?

wait about an hour and tap "start search" walk around and shoot a grey cloud theres a 50% chance it will be a pokemon if its a pokemon jam the A button until the bars full/it

What is after Pokemon Black and White 2?

Following Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2, the next Pokémon games will be Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, they are exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and they will have a worldwi

How many regions can you go to in Pokemon black and white 2?

It appears to be only the Unova looking at the Japanese version. You will be able to go to most of the same places as in Black and White versions, including some new places no

How can i get Thundurus in pokemon dream radar?

You keep collecting dream orbs. After a certain amount of searches, the scientist will give you a special extension to hunt one of the therian form legendaries. When you go on