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Where do the 3 dog Pokemon GO in Pokemon silver?

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Suicune, Raikau, and Entei are constantly moving, so get a Pokemon that uses fly and use your pokedex to track them down (location). If you don't have them on your pokedex, you can trade with a friend to get it on there, on just wander around randomly in the grass, because they appear randomly practically anywhere.
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How do you get The Legendary Dogs in Pokemon Silver?

Well first you have to go threw the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City Second when u get to them they'll run away and after that it will take luck they usually stay around Ecruteak

How do you catch the 3 legendary dogs in pokemon silver?

Their names are Entei and Raikou, and Suicine is caught later There is also Latios in the Kanto region You have to get them down to 1 HP (false swipe is a good TM, as it alway

Where our three dogs on Pokemon Silver?

If you have already freed them, then you just have to look around. They roam around to different routes, so you must run into them by chance. Once you encounter them, I would

How do you get the 3 legendary dogs on Pokemon?

There are a couple ways. In the johto region (G/S/C or HG/SS) They wander around after discovering them in Ecruteak, but not Suicune, you have to find Suicune multiple times a

What is the way to catch all 3 dogs in Pokemon silver?

    First, you have to have at least gotten accuse to Ecruteak City.     Second, you have to have rock smash(after you clear the Suduwodo you talk to the fat gu

How do you catch the 3 legendary dog of Pokemon silver?

first get rock smash then go to the burned tower in ecruteak city. to to the middle then go near in the 3 petrified Pokemon in the center. then search. to catch suicune you wi

How do you catch the dog Pokemon in silver?

Those dogs are legendary Pokemon. They are Entei, Suicune, and Raikou. You have to search everywhere for them. If you fly they will go somewhere else. My advice is to walk so

How do you get the 3 birds in Pokemon Silver?

if you mean zapdos moltres and articuno when you go to the kanto region you get them how you would on fire red and leaf green! for more info go to serebii.com!

Can you catch all 3 dog Pokemon on Pokemon soul silver?

Yes. You must first catch Entei & Raikou so you can catch Suicune. But first you have to see suicune in five different places these are, burt building (where you meet him),