Where do the Pokemon GO after you put in the action replAY CODES?

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All the AR codes do is make the pokémon more likely to appear in the wild, for example, I once found a shiny Gyarados in the grass near route 216..!
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How do you put in codes for action replay for Pokemon ruby?

it is pretty easy all you do is add the game to the list if it is not already there then once it is inputed you exit out to the list of games and find the game you just inpute

Where you put the action replay code in Pokemon Diamond?

ummm you don't... if you have action replay DS you have to find Pokemon diamond in the list of games. then tap the button that looks like * then press A cause its already over

How do you put in action replay codes in on Pokemon diamond?

I only know how to put cheats with the new action replay first you go to thecode list menu on the game you want to the cheats on then select the cheats that you wanna put the

Where do you put the codes for Pokemon diamond on action replay?

When you insert the cartridge, it should display the game name. View loaded codes for games with the asterisk in the bottom left. Once in the list of codes, press the A button