Where do the Pokemon GO when you trade them from fire red to heart gold?

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They go to Fuschia City in the Kanto Region where the Pal Park is, where it used to be a Safari Zone.
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Where do you go to trade with Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Emerald?

You have to get the ruby and the sapphire from the sevii islands. First you need to get the national dex which requires you to beat the Pokemon league and have had at least 60

Can you trade Pokemon from red to gold?

Yes, you can, but you need to enter Ecruteak City's Pokemon Center to activate the feature in any Pokemon Center. You can only trade the first 151 Pokemon. They also can't kno

Who is red in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Red=Ash and if your going to battle him all of his people are above level 80 his respecting Pokemon are 1. Pikachu lv88 2. Blastoise lvl 84 3. Charizard lvl 84 4

Where should you go to trade Pokemon from fire red to Pokemon sapphire?

For firered:You can trade Pokemon on the second floor of the Pokemon center just use the escalator to go up then speak to the lady behind the far right counter she will save y