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Where does your Pokemon GO when you have more than 7 Pokémon in your team in Pokemon emerald?

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This was probably posted years back but there is no answer so herewe go.

On pokemon games you can carry 6 pokemon with you. Not 7. If youcatch a pokemon and you have 6 pokemon with you, it will go to yourPC Box, which you can access in the pokemon centres across the map.
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How do you get more than one masterball in Pokemon emerald?

There would probably only be 3 ways to get masterballs. . 1. The team aqua hideout. . 2.The Pokemon lottery corner. If you win first prize, you get a masterball. . 3. You c

How do you clone more than 5 Pokemon at a time on emerald?

Well u cant clone more than five but i think u could clone 1-3 pokemons all u have to do is go to 1.battle frontier then go to 2.battle tower then go to all the way to left an