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Where iis your Pokemon GO after catch from pal park in Pokemon platinum?

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What is Pal Park for Pokemon Platinum?

Well, the pal park is unlocked after you get the national pokedex. Then, if you save your game, turn off the power, and turn your game on again, on the list of options contain

Where is the pal park in Pokemon Platinum?

"Pal Park" is in "Route 221", to get there go to Sandgem town, surf  as far down as you can then keep heading right. You need a DS Lite,  Pokemon Platinum, and a previous ge

How do you get into pal park in Pokemon platinum?

You have to get the National Pokedex first. After you beat the Elite Four, go to the prefessor and talk to him. Someother professer will appear and say he wants you to meet hi

Pokemon Platinum where is pal park?

Pal Park is in the same place as it was in Diamond and Pearl. At the end of Route 221. If you go south from Sandgem Town, and surf all the way to the right, you'll get to Pal

How do you get into pal park on Pokemon Platinum?

you have to have seen 210 Pokemon in your pokedex then go to professor rowan and then you will get the national dex then go to the ocean at the bottem of the town then use sur

How will you get into pal park in Pokemon platinum?

Pal Park is a park that you are able to migrate. How to go to Pal Park? First , you must Surf from Sandgem Town. Then Surf to Route 219 to 220 and 221. If you land at Route 22