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Where is bank sort code 93-00-11?

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What bank has this sort code 20-00-00?

The sort code 20 00 00 is for Barclays Bank and is assigned to Google. Actually this is incorrect the above sort code is for Barclays bank located in Lombard Street London!!

What address is bank sort code 11-00-01?

  I needed to know as well, so my employer could pay my salary into this account. called up yesterday and it's Halifax. So, Halifax bank in Halifax. A bit confusing, but i

What bank has sort code 72-00-00?

This sort code belongs to Alliance & Leicester. We are unable to pinpoint the sort to a specific branch because thecompany have not provided this information. Visit a local br

Which bank has the sort code 11-00-56?

  Halifax   {|  ! colspan="2" height="50" align="left" | Main Branch Details:  ! width="200" align="left" | BRANCH TITLE  | BICESTER, 43-45 SHEEP STREET  ! width="2

What bank has this sort code 11-00-38?

This sort code belongs to Halifax. This code is assigned to the Chemsley Wood branch.

What bank is this sort code 00-00-00?

This sort code does not exist. No bank has a blank sort code.

What are the 5Cs?

If you mean the 5 C's, like you learn in school and such, it's Cotton Citrus Copper Climate Cattle