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Where was the telegram first used?

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When were telegrams used?

Telegrams were first used in 1839 in Holland and were used elsewhere in the late 1800s.

What materials was used to make a telegram?

  The telegram is basically a message that was transferred electrically, so it didn't use any materials at all. It would have gotten written down on one pre-formatted pape

When was the last telegram sent in the us?

the last telegram from the US from lief erikson made by the graham bell industry was in 1758. George Washington banned telegram for the us because the telegram was british.

Who sent the first telegram?

The first telegram was sent by Samuel Morse, the man who invented  the Morse Code. He sent the first telegram on May 24, 1844.

How was a telegram used?

This is before email and instant messaging but had the same effect to transmit messages by means of the Morse code which was a language filled with electronic sounds of dots a