Where was the telegram first used?

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When was the first telegram sent?

the first telegram in the us was sent in1758.The England telegram looked like a brown piece of paper the size of a post cared.

What are some disadvantages of using a telegram?

In the present day and age ... the middle of 2013 ... the telegramas a means of sending text messages has several new and devastatingdisadvantages. It is now virtually impossi

When was first telegram sent?

check out wikipedia - electrical telegraph. looks like for the USA 1/6/1838 by Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail

When was the last telegram sent in the us?

the last telegram from the US from lief erikson made by the graham bell industry was in 1758. George Washington banned telegram for the us because the telegram was british.

Who sent the first telegram?

The first telegram was sent by Samuel Morse, the man who inventedthe Morse Code. He sent the first telegram on May 24, 1844.

Were telegrams used in WW1?

I really don't know this one but if anyone has any idea it would definitely be appreciated. Thanks

How was a telegram used?

This is before email and instant messaging but had the same effect to transmit messages by means of the Morse code which was a language filled with electronic sounds of dots a

How did the US decode the zimmermann telegram?

the US didn't decode the telegram, the British did. the way the British decoded it was they had some German code books they discovered three years earlier, so they used the bo