Which god would you pray to if were a greek farmar?

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Why did Greeks pray to gods?

For the ancient Greeks religion was not separate from culture or reality. They found the god and goddesses in their experience and adjusted their lives to the demands of the d

Did the Greek gods answer when the Greeks prayed?

The Norse, Greeks and Romans had a different relation with their gods than some present day religions. The gods of those cultures basically ignored humans except as a form of

How did Greeks pray to their gods?

The same reason you pray to your god. The acient Greeks thought that there were many gods. But modern Greeks don't believe it.

Why would the Greeks pray to Nyx?

Well, Nyx was the personification of night, so perhaps they prayed for a safe night's sleep or the safety of those who worked at night.

Why would Greeks pray to hades?

For example: To make ensure that their deceased relatives would receive a happy life in the Underworld and to beg for him not to have them die when they are sick.